ABIM Foundation Year In Review 2023

The ABIM Foundation is dedicated to promoting the core values of medical professionalism as a means to improve health care outcomes for everyone. This year, in addition to welcoming Jessica Perlo as the Foundation’s Executive Vice President, we’ve made significant strides towards our mission, including:

  • Choosing Wisely initiative – From 2012-2023, the Choosing Wisely initiative made significant contributions globally to shifting mindsets and influencing policy to reduce low value care. Its legacy continues to resonate, and the Foundation is committed to building on its success.
  • Focusing on BuildingTrust – The Foundation recognizes the crucial role that trust plays in delivering quality health care. This year, we focused on several initiatives to promote trust, including:
    • Trust Conversation Series – These conversations create a space for engaging dialogues with respected health care leaders. In 2023, we discussed barriers faced by clinicians and patients, shared actionable insights for progress toward building trust, and explored the role that health equity plays in creating a more inclusive workforce to provide better care for all.
    • BuildingTrust Essay Contest –Through this contest, we gained powerful insights from future health care leaders about medical misinformation’s reach and durability. Four of the essayists were invited to speak at the Foundation’s annual forum and gave participants a fresh perspective on the vital role of trust, empathy, and effective communication in health care.
  • Reframing Trust: A Path to Address MisinformationAt the 2023 ABIM Foundation Forum, health care leaders explored the historical roots of mistrust inside and outside of medicine. Historians noted that trust in medicine rises and falls along with trust in other established institutions, and emphasized the importance of being honest about, and accountable for, where harm has been created.
  • Funding impactful grant programs – The Foundation collaborated with several organizations to fund programs dedicated to building trust through health equity and inclusion in medical education, advancing diagnostic excellence, and instilling effective communication around clinical uncertainty.

Looking Ahead

In 2024, the Foundation looks forward to continuing its work on building trust in health care, as well as exploring new areas that advance the core values of medical professionalism as a force to improve the quality of health care.

We are committed to working with partners from across the health care sector to build a healthier and more equitable future for everyone. For more information on the Foundation’s work, follow us on LinkedIn, and sign up to receive our monthly Building Trust newsletter.